picture of SL Photography for Beginners class with tutor Prettyflower Vale

SL Firestorm Photography for Beginners – Sundays 10am SLT at The Artist’s Retreat Cafe!

That’s right my lovely virtual Goddesses and Gods!  Fun and informative classes for folks interested in SL photography, covering topics including:

  • Setting up your toolbars with the most useful tools
  • Firestorm photography tool tips
  • Windlights -where to find them, how to tweak them
  • Advanced Lighting and Shadows – add depth to your pics with shadows
  • Saving last camera location – no more pulling your hair out when you accidentally lose your cam angle!
  • Movelock – when you want to be sure your avi stays in that perfect pose!
  • Firestorm’s photo filters – so much fun!
  • Firestorm Photo Tools menu – omg so much you can do from this window, from adjusting and even creating your own custom WindLights to turning on advanced graphics and lighting options like shadows and Depth of Field.
  • How to get your perfect lighting when you are inside a building
  • Photography field trips
  • and more 🙂


Classes are 1 hour long and held on Sundays 10am SLT starting Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018,  at the wonderful The Artist’s Retreat Cafe in Second Life!  All classes are held in voice, using both SL voice and Discord. Students need not talk if voice is uncomfy, just need to be able to hear the tutor! Questions can be asked in SL local chat.

Many thanks to Gabrielle Nikitin for inviting me to be a tutor at this wonderful retreat for artists, where community spirit and mutual support and encouragement are the name of the game!

Check out the beautiful works of folks in Gabrielle’s The Artist’s Retreat Cafe and Prettyflower’s Pretty Fun Photos and Stories in-world groups, on display in their respective Flickr groups here:

SL Photographic Art from the Heart – Gabrielle’s Flickr group

Pretty Fun Photos and Stories – Prettyflower’s Flickr group

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