Second Life Firestorm Camera Tools Tip: Save Camera Position

Hello my beautiful virtual Goddesses and Gods. Here’s a really useful tip I snagged from Facebook.

It was originally posted by Elaine Sierra, then shared by David Lannom aka Burning Prophets, in whose stream I saw and snagged it. Thank you Elaine and David for sharing this tip on how to save your last camera position!  I have used this SO MUCH since I saw it, and now I’m passing it on too in order to help ease the misery of others, lol!

You may have heard me whine about how my computer is old enough that its graphics card just can’t keep up when all the eye candy settings are turned on and up in Firestorm: high graphics settings, advanced lighting, shadows, draw distance, LOD, depth of field, etc.

I often will find the camera POV first, with all that stuff turned off, and then only after  I have everything set up camera wise will I turn those eye candy settings on.  Why? Because camming around with those settings turned on is like trying to move through a jar of molasses. So what happens when I’ve got it all set up, the eye candy turned on, and then… oh the cat runs across the keyboard, or I accidentally swipe my magic mouse with a fingertip, and the camera goes somewhere else?

AAAAAGHHHHh!!!! <—that’s what happens.

Well no more! This handy setting allows me to save the desired camera position! Then if something happens to nudge my pov after I’ve got all the bells and whistles turned on, I need only tap the “load” button to restore my camera to that pov!  Now my “AAAAAAGHHHHh”  of agony has turned into an “aaaaaaahhh” of relief!


Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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