Where to find Aviary tools in Flickr

3 Steps to Using the Aviary Focus Tool in Flickr

Hello my beautiful virtual Goddesses and Gods.  It has been a while since I last posted. Most bloggers would use these next few lines to apologize for that, but not me. One of the perks of blogging just for fun is not being overly concerned with sticking to a schedule. I do enough of that in RL, but in RL I get paid to do it, lol. Blogging about my virtual life is the escape from that, it’s the fun blog. I am so blown away that there are so many really good, really prolific Second Life bloggers out there who blog for stores and designers, on a tight schedule, and for free. They work for free. Wow! But I digress…

Enough Digressing, Pretty – What’s This Post About?

This day’s post is just a little beginner’s “ooh did you know you can do this?” spotlight on Flickr’s built-in photo editing tools app, Aviary. It’s great for folks who like to take pics, and are just plain folks, not experienced image editors with fancies like Photoshop. Aviary provides non-professionals with easy-to-use tools for adding some sweet effects to their photos.

In this post you’ll see a before and after example of a pic on which the focus tool was used to apply a swath of clarity to the photo, drawing the viewer’s eye to what the photographer wants them to see.  And don’t worry, I did say it would be easy, in fact as easy as 1-2-3!

Step One – Go to Aviary Tools in Flickr

Where to find Aviary tools in Flickr
Where to find Aviary tools in Flickr


Step 2: Choose the Focus Tool

Aviary effects menu - for this pic using "Focus."
Aviary effects menu – for this pic using “Focus.”


Step 3: Apply Focus Filter

Aviary Focus tool - gives you a round or rectangular swath of clarity
Aviary Focus tool – gives you a round or rectangular swath of clarity


Here is the original image, before the focus tool was used:


All areas of this image are sharp. It’s a great image, but with all areas being in focus, and the strong contrast of shadow and light in the flowers in the background, the eye is easily distracted, drawn to all four corners of the image.  I wanted to highlight the avvie: the flying moth, the skin, the necklace and the fabulous mask and mouthpiece.

Below is the photo with the focus filter applied, creating a rectangular path of clarity and softening the focus of the shadows and flowers background:


With the rest of the photo slightly blurred the flying moth really stands out more, as does the fabulous faucets eye mask. The viewer’s eye is led along the path of clarity, taking in what I wanted them to see: the mask, the mouthpiece, the necklace, skin and flying moth. After the eye has traveled that path, then it can go on and check out the background.


Let me know… 

…if you found this post helpful or want more basic SL photography tips. I’m not a power user so any future SL photography tips will be short, sweet, noobie friendly ones like this one. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, please let me know in the comments. Feel free to post questions too. And then go have some fun just playing and experimenting with your Phototools settings!

If you have any posts sharing SL photography tips please do leave a link to your post in the comments!

I do have a group in Second Life called Pretty Fun Photos and Stories which is meant to be a place where we can share tips, ask questions, and find photo shoot partners and groups. Again, I’m not a power user or power admin, I don’t actively try to get folks to join or host events, but I do share info about photo contests and nice sims with great photo opps when I get  wind of them. But do join the group if you want to network with a few other folks who enjoy SL photography. Mostly it’s just a few of my friends and photo buddies right now but new blood is welcome 🙂   Click here to see the Flickr group where members can share the pics they take.


Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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